Furniture orders for 2021 delivery will be closing 31st October 2021 and Hardware orders will close Mid November 2021

Supply Purchase Terms


The colour, texture and composition of fabric may vary from that of the swatch or the products displayed on our website due to dye lot variations and upholstery processes.

The following may occur in leather products:

  • Dye lots may vary
  • Colour variations may occur due to multiple hides required to make up the product
  • Marks, tick bite scars, scratches, stretch marks and scuff marks are characteristic of full grain leather and are therefore not defects. Prominent brand marks may also be visible and are not considered defects. Solid timber products may have natural markings, cracks and colour variations due to the nature of the product; these are the characteristics of a natural product and not defects or signs of damage.

Some products are made from reclaimed and/or recycled materials and will therefore have markings, colour variations, scratches and dents.

All metal items are to be wiped regularly with a damp cloth to prevent surface rust, especially in coastal areas.


The prices displayed on the Douglas & Douglas website are quoted in South African Rands, which is valid and effective only in relation to supply in South Africa.

Full payment of the price and delivery charges (where applicable) is required before products will be delivered to or collected by the customer.

For EFT payments, product will only be released for delivery or collection once the payments reflect on the Douglas & Douglas bank statements. Bank statements take 2-4 business days to reflect EFT payments. Until such time as payment has been made in full, the product remains the property of Douglas & Douglas.

The invoice must be retained as proof of purchase and payment. Credits should be redeemed within 6 (six) months of the credit being awarded. The credit note must be retained as proof of credit.

Prices on the website are subject to change without notification.


The customer will be charged for the cost of delivery which will be reflected on the appropriate invoice in accordance with the prevailing Douglas & Douglas policy. A Douglas & Douglas representative will contact the customer to arrange delivery on any week day between 09h00 and 16h00. No deliveries will be made during weekends or on public holidays. Reasonable endeavours will be made to deliver the product on the arranged time and date.

Circumstances that are unforeseen or beyond Douglas & Douglas control may result in changes to the agreed delivery date and time of which the customer will be telephonically informed and alternative arrangements will be made.

The customer is required to inspect products on delivery.

The customer or the person taking delivery on behalf of the customer will be required to sign a proof of delivery (POD). Unless indicated to the contrary on the POD, it is deemed that the product has been delivered and received in good condition and, where appropriate, in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

The customer must ensure that the place of delivery is accessible; that the product delivered can fit into lifts, staircases or through doors and that all the relevant areas have been cleared prior to delivery. This includes the removal of breakable objects. No products will be hoisted over balconies or through windows. Should hoisting be required, the customer will arrange this at his own cost. The customer accepts the risk of all damages that may result due to non-compliance by customer. The customer will be charged for additional delivery costs due to failed deliveries, access problems and/or failure to adhere to the appointment time for the delivery/collection.


The customer or person collecting the product must produce the original invoice in order for Douglas & Douglas to release the product. The person producing the original invoice shall be deemed to be the duly authorised agent of the customer. Unless indicated to the contrary on the collection note it is deemed that the product has been collected and received in good condition and, where appropriate in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Douglas & Douglas will not in any way be liable for damage that may occur after the products have been handed to the customer or person collecting on behalf of the customer or during the loading and conveyance thereof. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a suitable collection vehicle is utilised in order to accommodate the size of the product in an upright position and that it is loaded and secure to prevent damage.

The customer is also responsible for supplying the necessary consumables e.g. rope and blankets to stabilise the product during transportation.


Douglas & Douglas does not offer storage facilities. In event of a purchase not being collected or delivered within 10 days after the customer has been notified that it is available for collection or delivery a storage fee of R100 per day will be charged for the customer’s account. This storage fee must be settled in full prior to the delivery and release of the product.


Care instructions and maintenance advice regarding the use and application of products are provided for all products.

Such instructions are available on the website and from Douglas & Douglas –


The customer will be provided with a quotation for all made to order products, CMT (cut, make and trim) products and back orders (collectively “special orders”). It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the correctness of all information on the quotation before Douglas & Douglas begins manufacturer.

The customer’s signature on the quotation will confirm verification. No special orders will be subject to return, exchange or refund. A deposit of at least 75% (to be finally determined by Douglas & Douglas depending on the circumstances) in advance is required on all special orders, which is subject to forfeiture if the order is cancelled at any time.

The balance is payable in accordance with the paragraph PRICE AND METHOD OF PAYMENT above. Lead time for special orders depends on the product, its availability and performance by Douglas & Douglas. The anticipated lead time will be stated on the invoice. Douglas & Douglas will inform the customer of any delays. It is acknowledged that products that are subject to special orders may differ from samples due to hand making processes and also the considerations set out in paragraph 1 above and it will be so accepted by the customer.


Douglas & Douglas will only be liable to honour a warranty if:

  • The defect existed at the time of delivery and manifested during the warranty period;
  • The defect did not arise due to normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse by the customer;
  • The product concerned is used for the purpose intended and in a domestic environment

(Unless the latter requirement is waived by Douglas & Douglas in writing); i.e. commercial use is not warranted;

  • The customer duly complied with the care instructions and maintenance referred to in paragraph 4 above;
  • The customer provides the original invoice;

Douglas & Douglas warranty provides for the free repair or replacement of any faulty component. The customer must at his own cost, deliver and collect the product concerned to and from the Douglas & Douglas workshop.


Upholstered furniture is warranted for a period of 2 year from date of delivery/collection in respect of the frame and craftsmanship. The warranty does not extend to the fabric or leather used to upholster the product as this is subject to wear and tear associated with use. Furthermore, usage and treatment in the customer’s environment is beyond Douglas & Douglas control.

  1. Warranties do not apply to:

1.1. Defects or damage arising from negligence, abuse or misuse, including (but not limited to) improper maintenance – referred to as ‘dressing’, exposure to water, direct sunlight, coastal air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed nor does it cover ordinary wear and tear; failure to comply with Douglas & Douglas  care instructions or specifications

1.2 Extreme use is considered damaged caused by more than normal wear and tear this includes:

  • Solvent spills
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Body fluids (human or animal)
  • Improper cleaning techniques
  • Placing furniture outdoors in direct sunlight or close proximity to an open heat source (heaters, fire places, barbeque stands)
  • Sitting on arms and backs of the sofas


Timber products are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of delivery/collection in respect of frame and workmanship. Should the original product be altered in any way, the warranty will be void.


Douglas & Douglas will only be liable for damages that may be suffered by the customer as a result of gross negligence or a willful or intentional act or omission on the part of Douglas & Douglas


Douglas & Douglas will exchange any damaged or flawed products returned in an unused condition within 10 days of purchase or delivery together with the proof of purchase. Product exchanges requiring delivery will be transported to the original delivery address within South Africa.

It is acknowledged that exchanges are subject to product availability at the time of the request for exchange. Douglas & Douglas will check the condition of products presented for exchange or returned as in accordance with Delivery and Collection paragraphs(whichever is applicable) products are deemed to have been supplied in good condition as checked by the customer at the time of purchase, delivery or collection.

Douglas & Douglas is unable to exchange goods where product characteristics and/or imperfections were pointed out prior to purchase. Handling fees may be applicable on exchanges/returns. For public health reasons Douglas & Douglas cannot accept the return of some items.

No special orders will be subject to exchange/return/refund. Physically altered or partially disassembled product may not be returned. Should the customer change their mind about a purchase but the product is unflawed or undamaged Douglas & Douglas is not obliged to accept the return.


The customer should present the original invoice as proof of purchase for all exchanges and returns. We regret no exchanges, returns or refunds without the original invoice.

  1. A) PRODUCTS PURCHASED & COLLECTED Products should be returned to Douglas & Douglas at the customer’s expense within 10 days of purchase/collection. Douglas & Douglas to check condition of products being returned as explained in the Exchanges and Returns paragraph.
  2. B) PRODUCTS DELIVERED The customer should check products being delivered immediately (refer to Delivery paragraph) and note any defects on the POD (proof of delivery) document while the Delivery Team is on site. Such items should be returned to Douglas & Douglas on the truck.

Any defects noted after delivery should be photographed and reported to Douglas & Douglas –


In the unlikely event that a product does not comply with the purpose it was intended to be used and is therefore fundamentally flawed and an exchange or repair is not possible, a refund may be requested (within 6 months).

REFUNDS PROCEDURES: Once the product has been received and checked by Douglas & Douglas, the customers banking details will be verified in order to issue a credit note. The refund will be processed by Head Office upon receipt of the credit note and will be paid into the verified bank account. All refunds are paid on either the 15th of the month or at the end of the month, subject to Head Office processing cut-offs. Allow 2-4 business days for the refund to reflect.


If for any reason the customer wishes to return their purchase, the customer may do so within 30 days of purchase. Goods must be returned in their original condition and packaging along with the invoice.

If goods are defective the customer can return them within 10 days of date of purchase provided the goods have been used for their intended purpose and that applicable care instructions have been followed.

In certain instances, Douglas & Douglas  may require an assessment of the goods. Douglas & Douglas will either repair or replace the defective goods. If in Douglas & Douglas assessment it is found that the care instructions have not been adhered to, Douglas & Douglas will not accept the return of these goods. Certain items may be bound by an independent manufacturer’s warranty. In this case, please refer to the merchandise-specific terms and conditions

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